Creating a Gardening Design Idea

Creating a great gardening design idea is a beautiful addition to any outdoor landscape that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  There are many ways to get the perfectgardening design ideas and one is to hire a professional landscaping designer.  Personal I think the best way to get the best gardening design is started looking around your neighborhood in a yard that you like, take a picture of it.  I wouldn't worry too much about offending the person you are taking pictures of their yard.  I just went to the door and asked if I could take some pictures of their yard because I love the design.  You will be surprised what information you will get from this person.  Gardener are almost all alike we like to share information and gives us great joy that someone would want a garden like ours.

Resources on Gardening Design Ideas

The internet is a great place to get gardening design ideas, there are many sites that offer many designs and gardening ideas.  After collecting these pictures start looking at them and start in vision some of these designs in your yard.  After collecting these ideas, then I would call the professional landscaping architect in and show them what you collected, and talk about some of your  visions you see for your yard.  If you are like me, I can't afford them to do all the job, so I'm up front and say I just want the design, and they usually charge you between $300 to $500 for the design.  Or maybe you want some of the work done, and you can do the rest, or as most of us, it has to be done in stages.  These professionals are used to working with people that have limited budget.  Check the site out on free gardening ideas to get many services for free.

When I started off gardening, I did not hire the professional to help lay out my design, take it from a gardener it will save you money by hiring a professional to lay-out the design.  This doesn't mean you might not stray from the original design, but it gives you a great start.  Another thing is their know the plants that do well in your area. In creating your garden design ideas an important question to ask yourself how much time to you have to spend in your garden to maintain it.  There is no such thing as a maintenance free yard. 

Below you will find some ideas that you might want to incorporate in your yard.  Remember creating your perfect garden design ideas is easy, just take it a step at a time, check out this site on front gardening ideas it offers some great design for that wonderful front yard that says welcome home.

Garden Design Ideas - Pergola or a Patio

Most homes come with some type of patio and most are just a concrete slab.  Enhancing that patio garden idea is easy just by adding pots and containers can add beauty to that area.  To get ideas for containers check this site out fo rcontainer gardening ideas.   A Patio can be an extension of your house by adding outside garden furniture or incorporating a fireplace and outsides kitchen are very popular now.  Install an pergola over the patio to create the perfect outdoor space for dining and offering some shade is a great way to define your space without constraining your yard.  Adding a creeping vine such as wisteria or a grapevine over the pergola to provide color and shade in your garden can help create lush and a inviting space.  Pergola can be used also to define a pathway or entryway to another spot in the garden.

Garden Design Ideas - Edible Garden

You might want to create a small spot for raising your favorite vegetables.You can plant cucumbers, squash and zucchini  among your flowering shrubs or perennials like daylilies orput a trellis in your garden and plant vines such as honeysuckle or sweet pea vines.  Great annual vines are morning glories or hyacinth bean (If you save the ponds it products in the fall you have seeds for next year).Using containers for growing tomatoes and cucumbers, which will spill out of the pots and meaner into your garden space.  A great garden design idea is to scatter solar lights in your vegetables garden for a magical glow at night.

Garden Design Ideas - Garden Paths and Borders

A garden path using brick and stone allows you stroll around your garden and enjoy the beautiful plants. It can lead your guests or yourself to a wonderful secret garden or a bench where to rest and look at your lushgarden design ideas you have incorporated in your landscaping.  Use the curve of the garden when laying out the pathway and let surrounding space guide you to a natural and beautiful creation.  Creeping thyme or blue star creepers are great plants place between the stone and over time, it will creep along the edges and into the brick for a lush and inviting landscape.

Creating a border in your garden with tall flowers or shrubs can crate a backdrop for small plants or for a stone pathway in your garden.  Tall flowers such as cannas, sunflowers, phlox and purple coneflowers fill out the space. There are many great garden edging ideas you can used to enhance your garden design ideas.  When creating borders or pathways a curve one will give a great visual effect to your garden.  Adding garden lighting along the pathway will invite people for an evening stroll.  Planting moon flowers vines and lilies in the garden will offer a wonderful scent with the lilies and the moon flowers are beautiful at night.

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